Cargoz secures pre-Seed funding from Nama Ventures


Cargoz secures pre-Seed funding from Nama Ventures
  • UAE-based logistics startup Cargoz has secured pre-Seed funding for unknown amount from Nama Ventures
  • Founded in January 2022 by Premlal Pullisserry and Lijo Antony, Carogz connects SMEs looking for warehousing space with warehousing companies that have extra capacity.
  • Cargoz will use the new funding to back its expansion plans across the UAE by the end of the year.

Press release:

Cargoz is a logistics startup that connects SMEs looking for warehousing space with warehousing companies who has extra capacity, like Airbnb but for commercial warehousing & storage, has secured pre-seed funding from Nama Ventures

After Covid, the SMEs who had to suffer the most, no longer want to get into any yearly leasing of warehouses or have any expensive storage contracts. They are looking for storage space in the short term with monthly or weekly billing, and pay only for the space they use. On the other hand, there are warehousing owners and operators, who have plenty of extra capacity which otherwise is unused.

Cargoz platform will connect these two parties and assist SMEs avail on-demand storage in a very simple to use platform.

Cargoz was founded in January 2022 by Premlal Pullisserry (CEO) and Lijo Antony (CTO). Premlal has more than 10 years of warehousing and logistics experience in the GCC and was the Co-founder of Boxit Storage, the first on-demand personal storage company in the region. Lijo, now has more than 14 years of software development experience and was the head of product development at Boxit. 

‘When we test launched in January this year, we underestimated the pain of finding on-demand storage for SMEs and how broken and stressful that experience was. We’ve grown over 10X in the last 6 months and it looks like we are solving a big problem that existed for several decades now. Currently, we only operate in Dubai and we will be available in all other Emirates by the end of the year and then go beyond that. 

“Nothing makes us more excited at Nama Ventures than to see founders that are as complementary as Premlal and Lijo, I mean Premlal breaths logistics, his depth of the space and his understanding of the pains in the space are unparalleled, Lijo, on the other hand, is a coder’s coder, he is very well versed in tech space and knows how to build tech products,” said Mohammed Alzubi, founder and managing partner of Nama Ventures, “From the first ten minutes of our conversation it was clear to us that these guys are onto something special.  Honestly what impressed us the most is that this is their second startup together. It takes a special kind of respect and role clarity among founders to want to keep disrupting industries together as a team. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Premlal and Lijo to the Nama clan, and we can’t wait to learn from them about the exciting space they want to dominate.”

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