From Silicon Valley to Jordan: A Chat with Mentor Kyle Wild of Keen-io [Wamda TV]

After our Mix n' Mentor event in Amman, we caught up with Kyle Wild, the founder of Keen.io, an analytics platform for developers, and a member of Geeks on a Plane Middle East 2012. We wanted to know, what were the similarities and differences that Kyle saw between entrepreneurs in Amman versus those in Silicon Valley?

"The quality of the talent is extreme," he said about Amman. "I've been to a lot of accelerators all over the U.S., and [the talent] is up there with any of them and above a lot of them."

The biggest difference is evident in entrepreneurs' confidence, he says. "They're good, but they don't really know it, although some do." In Silicon Valley, he says, people tend to fall on the other end of the spectrum. 

Wild also reflects upon advice given to one entrepreneur during the event, who was encouraged to focus on the regional market as opposed to going global right away. If you go global, says Wild, "You want to have a big vision, but focused tactics."

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