What do people tweet about during Ramadan?

What do people tweet about during Ramadan?

As we mentioned in a feature about The Online Project (TOP) report released last year, an increase in internet usge appears in engagement with regional brands increases 30% on Facebook and 33% on Twitter, compared to other times of the year. Which means more users will be online and will be hungry to engage.

This year, TOP goes more in depth to explore what exactly are those audiences discussing online during the Holy month. In this context they released a study tackling Twitter trends during Ramadan and what do people mostly tweet about. “We decided to use Twitter as the main focal point for our study since it’s the most public platform and we can tune into user conversations and pick up on those trends liberally,” the repost introduction mentions.

The main findings of the report were gathered from hundreds of thousands of tweets analyzed by TOP from 11 countries in the Middle East. The findings include: the language breakdown of tweets, the main topics/themes they shared, hashtags used, peak times of usage, and finally the content and volume of those tweets.

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