How to Join Arabic Web Days and Post Arabic Content


How to Join Arabic Web Days and Post Arabic Content

Last week, Arabic Web Days launched as a new initiative to support Arabic content online, co-created between Yamli and Vinelab and supported by Wamda, Taghreedat and Google. Everyone is invited to contribute.

If you, as a company or an individual are interested in joining AWD, here's how!

From the website, you can add original Arabic content by linking to your content.

  • For text, post the link to the article on AWD. if you don't have access to publish it on any platform, you can do so through Wikipedia, then link the post on AWD.
  • For video, publish on your Youtube channel then publish the link on AWD.
  • For audio, publish a clip on Soundcloud then post the link on AWD.

This content will be moderated and published with 2 hours after being posted.

To demonstrate your support, you can also:

  • Add the AWD badge to your company's website.
  • Share the badge on your social networks.
  • Follow our social networks on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+
  • Re-share our published content through those channels.
  • Support by adding the AWD Twibbon.
  • Pledge to build an Arabic website and celebrate on 12/12/12.
  • Join the events and hangouts announced on AWD and through social channels.

Don't forget that the more you post Arabic content, the more points you gather, which boosts your rank as a supporter of Arabic content. So start posting!

Thank you

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