Egypt's National ICT Strategy [Report]


Egypt's National ICT Strategy [Report]

The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) has just launched a new National ICT Strategy to revamp and boost the ICT capabilities of the country by 2017.

To do so, the Ministry of ICT plans to invest heavily in tech infrastructure, granting 75% of Egyptian households access to internet at a speed of 2Mbps by 2015, and, by 2021, increasing access to 90% of households to 25 Mbps. It also hopes to offer 3G service to 98% of users by 2015, and 4G service for 90% of the population by 2021. 

The government explains that better infrastructure will increase the volume of e-commerce by 20% by 2017, boost e-banking by 30%, and increase the sector overall contribution to 5% of Gross National Income (which is currently around $25 billion).

To learn more about their plans and how they will affect Egypt's tech startups and infrastructure, download the strategy report from the grey box in the sidebar.

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